ABOUT iMCL (indore MAAC Creative League)

indore MAAC Creative League (iMCL) is the event for all students irrespective of their Age & academic qualification. also, There are 13 categories in which the students enroll and submit interesting artworks. However, Through iMCL a competitive ecosystem is created for every student to nurture, groom, and improvise on their skills.

iMCL is a creative event for students in order to test their knowledge and learning, but in the form of competition.

Students will understand their potential and face against their inhibitions and bring out the most out of their creativity which amplifies their productivity and polish their skills which is needed to be a kind of a professional in demand by the competitive industries.

Thus Excellent opportunity for students to showcase their multiple skill sets on a single platform. Moreover, It encourages healthy competition amongst students. Opportunity to win Daily awards – Pick of the Day award against multiple submissions in all categories.